What makes her a sought after coach

Ewere Sonia Aisos, is a writer, and a public speaker; who has caused through her articles a phenomenal change

She’s a productivity coach who is passionate about youths, she believes they can be more than what they can see.

She’s the founder of SoniTalks Academy, an e-learning platform for those that want to be exceptional.

She’s also the founder of SoniTalks Podcast consultancy, and the producer of “The New Me Show ‘, a Podcast show centered on helping youths turn their mess to message, living right, profiting from the past and how to discover their internal limiting system and overcome it.

Sonia is an energetic, highly multifaceted, success and result driven individual, whose ultimate goal is to proffer solutions and add value to specific projects.

She works quickly and efficiently, with an eye toward her target audience; client satisfaction and quality work are her top priorities. She prides herself on her ability to get results, and also included in her skills are strong verbal and written English communication skills, good telephone etiquette, excellent organizational and analytical skills and ability to effectively use social media management tools.

She is a Google certified digital skill and yali certified personnel.

She loves to read, travel, cook and speak.


Benefits Of Working With Sonia
  • Improve personal and professional productivity
  • Gain much-needed clarity
  • Work less while making more money
  • Stop struggling and start enjoying life
  • Have more time to enjoy life and family
  • Become a profitable podcaster



Productivity Coaching


Goal Accountability program


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